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Andrew Barber

“Facebook's first real estate specific advertising solution”
Social media colossus Facebook is taking steps into real estate marketing and has announced its first advertisng product aimed specifically at brokerage and agency firms.

Its "Dynamic Ads for Real Estate" will allow businesses to automatically promote property listings on Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook suggests that its dynamic adverts for real estate will "leverage cross-device intent signals to automatically promote relevant listings from your inventory with a unique creative on Facebook."

If you cut through the techspeak, what this means is that if a potential buyer or tenant looks at your agency website, you will then be able to target adverts at them for similar properties via Facebook. The process is very similar to that used by online retailers to make their adverts appear for items and products that you have previously searched for.

Facebook's Dynamic Ads allow the promotion of relevant items (homes) listed on a database, based on signals from the agency's website. The system makes it possible to display adverts for multiple properties based on the actions and buying signals of the individual.

On the basis that Facebook adverts can be very specific in terms of demographics, the automated service could prove very cost effective for agency firms.

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